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His Dark Materials (Series 2)

TV Series

His Dark Materials (Series 2)



Framestore returned to the world of His Dark Materials for the show’s epic second season, delivering 1400+ shots of film-quality VFX and serving as a key creative collaborator. Framestore’s work shines in every episode, bringing each world to life with explosive action sequences, note-perfect CG environments and, of course, carefully-crafted creature work that ensures the show’s daemons are as much a part of the cast as their human counterparts.


Animation Supervisors: Aulo Licinio, Alvise Avati
Animators: Framestore     

Overall VFX Supervisor: Russell Dodgson
VFX Supervisors: Shawn Hillier, Rob Harrington


Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Freak (in-house rendering software)