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LEGO - Drive What You Love

LEGO - Drive What You Love



Framestore delivered a huge range of VFX work for this visually-exciting commercial including environments, cars and effects as a LEGO builder’s imagination comes to life for a high speed race through their house.

The VFX team worked closely with the producers at every stage, previsualising the commercial, realising the design of one of the commercial’s cars and supervising the live action shoot before delivering the complex post-production work. They created two CG versions of six cars, both in LEGO and as a ‘real-world’ counterpart and animated these as they undertake a high-speed race through a house which in a number of shots, was also entirely CG.

The lighting and reflections effects work that can be seen throughout every shot of the advert - as well as a huge flour explosion - are perhaps the most subtle yet effective VFX elements on this project.


VFX Supervisor: Charles Bayliss
CG Supervisor: Mathias Cadyck
2D Supervisor: George Palcut
Creative Director: Ben Cronin
Flame: Paul O’Brien
Animators: Steve Townrow, Joseph Kane
CG Artists: David Cattermole, Alicia Saleh
Lighting and FX Artists:
Finella Fan, Luca Veronese, Andres Gomez Tollar
2D Artists: Christian Baker, Julia Caram, Reece McFarlane
Asset Lead: Aaron Hunwick
Asset Artists: Joel Savage, Michael John, Tim Gregson, Marnie Pitts, Andrew Butler, Leo Schreiber, Ewa Zych, Bruno Reis Coimbra, Paola Santoro, Alice Roseberry-Haynes
Concept Artist: Daniel Demirdjian
VFX Editors: Nick Feldman, Richard Gao, Jack Hubbard VFX Producer: Alexia Paterson
VFX Production Coordinator: Viveka Prabakaran
VFX Production Assistants: Benjamin Michell, Chloe Dunn
Colourist: Steffan Perry
Director: David Mellor
Producer: Alexander Davis
DOP: Jordan Buck
The LEGO Agency Producer: Mette Søgaard Lorenzen
LEGO Creative: Lucas Reynoso Vizcaino & Martin Coppola