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RMA - The Search

RMA -  The Search

Category: Commercials - VFX



‘The Search’, our second brand film for RMA, brought together Collider directors Andrew van der Westhuyzen and Dylan Duclos to create a conceptual exploration of the inspiration behind RMA’s architectural practice.

Set on Sydney’s unique sandstone coastlines and cliffs, ‘The Search’ invokes the power of nature as a source of inspiration, offsetting the natural wilderness against the sanctuary of architectural space.

The film was created to explore how we could blur the boundary between fiction and reality and to achieve these otherworldly moments, the Collider studio team created a number of augmented digital set pieces that helped tell this story. To create some of the location shots, natural coastal rock formations were digitally recorded using photogrammetry and rebuilt in CG to create shots not possible to capture at the locations (either because of accessibility or equipment limitation).

All the scenes in the film were shot on location in Sydney (with the exception of some footage shot in Perth, Western Australia, by Cinematographer Rick Rifici) or have elements from locations repurposed within them. Substantial amounts of time, testing and refining, gave each VFX challenge the attention it needed to create something engaging and beautiful.


Technical Director: Hugh Carrick-Allan
Lead 2D Compositor: Benjamin Wilson
Modelling/Texturing: Guy Robinson, Chris Harris
VFX Artists: Ivan La Rosa, Sina Rahimpour
Camera Tracking: Rotomaker
Director: Dylan Duclos
Co-Director: Andrew van der Westhuyzen
Executive Producer: Lucy Pilkington
Post Producer: Naomi Iland

Cinematographer: Kieran Fowler
Aerial Cinematography: Matt Chang & Darian Woods
Underwater Cinematographer: Rick Rifici
Production Coordinator: Steven Garrett
Production Runner: Vikram Grewal
1st AC: Oliver Braslin
2nd AC: Samuel Connelly
Grip: Jason Trew
Grip Assist: Jeff Eastman, Scott Parsons, Colin Mccowpine
Gaffer: Steve Daily
Editor: Dylan Duclos
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Original Score: Jonny Higgins
Safety: Ray Anthony
Nurse: Emma Cohen


Maya, Houdini, ZBrush, and 3DS Max, "Reality Capture" for photogrammetry. Nuke (Compositing).