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Audi - Let It Go

Audi - Let It Go

Category: Commercials VFX



The ad sees Williams get behind the wheel of the brand's e-tron Sportback before quickly getting caught in a traffic jam. She bursts into song with a remake of "Let if Go" from Disney's "Frozen" which, in the ad, is portrayed to be an environmental anthem and a rebuke of gas-guzzling cars. She breaks free into the open road, passing by a gas station that is closing down which, in the context of the ad, is meant to signal progress.


VFX Supervisor - David Filipe
CG Sup - Will Laban
Shoot Supervisor - Michael Gregory
Producer - Philip Whalley
Line Producer - Salil Thapa
Colourist - Jean-Clément Soret
Comp Artists - Vanessa Duquesnay, Mithun Jacob Alex, Edward Taylor Agency Team
Agency - 72andSunny
Producer - Luke Judlin, Andrew Slough

Production Team
Production Company - Anorak
Director - François Rousselet
DOP - Adam Newport Berra
Executive Producer - Christiane Dressler
Line Producer - Felix Knabel
Editor - Paul Hardcastle @ Trim