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The Twilight Zone

The Embassy

The Embassy delivered over 250 visual effects shots for a number of episodes in the recent reboot of The Twilight Zone. The team were responsible for creating a range of effects including set extensions, CG air & space craft and fully digital environments. The series is currently streaming on CBS All Access.



Michael Blackbourn - Visual Effects Supervisor
Nick Whiteley- Compositing Supervisor
Paul Copeland- Asset Supervisor
Kaz Shibata- Lead Compositing & Finishing Artist

CG Artists
Austin Anderson
Gueschem Degni
Karinga Wells
Kenneth Polonski
Martin Le
Micael Luis Kobeh
Mike Lowes
Terry Zengbao Liu
Wes Lee

Compositing Artists
Alexander Greenberg
Carl Granstrom
Marc-Andre Gray
Patrick Altmaier
Raphael Legros
Riley Gray
Sinisa Radosavljevic
Siraphurin Nimmahnratanakul Winston Helgason - Executive Producer
Danielle Kinsey- VFX Producer
Annie-Claude Lapierre- VFX Production Manager
Ran Sariel- CTO
Bradley Stanish- Head of IT

Production VFX Supervisors
Bob Habros
Curt Miller

Production VFX Producer
Stephen Bahr

Syntheyes, Maya, Houdini, Mantra, Redshift, Nuke, Premiere, Resolve