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4Dx Mixed Reality Hologram

Colour Andre

4Dx are a medical technology company that produces a four-dimensional scan of human lungs using their XV Technology.
At the 2019 American Thoracic Society’s International Conference in Dallas, 4Dx needed to draw a crowd to their stand.
As part of the overall stand creative, Colour Andre used the Dreamoc Diamond Mixed Reality Hologram Display in conjunction with a 3D printed physical model of human lungs and high-end 3D graphics to introduce, at a high level, the XV Technology outputs and the data that can be captured.
The animation itself is a mixture of real outputs an visualisations that show and explain the three main areas of study provided by XV
The mixture of the animation being displayed onto the 3D physical lungs inside a hologram display viewable from all sides had a huge visual impact and helped towards the stand achieving 25% more leads and winning the best in show award for their booth.

CATEGORY: Augmented Reality

Andre Ash

Cinema 4D, After Effects