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 axisVFX, the visual effects arm of Axis Studios and creator of high-end visuals for television and film projects, has delivered 900 shots across eight episodes on Happy!, the new SyFy show based on the graphic novel by Scottish writer Grant Morrison.

axisVFX, working in tandem with Axis Studios three creative sites across the UK, collaborated with showrunners Brian Taylor and Patrick Macmanus across the creation of Happy  a fully CG character that plays a leading role throughout the season's eight episodes. Axis was responsible for developing concepts, animation and final rendering, ensuring that Happy, despite his cartoonish appearance, felt like a photoreal and believable addition to the show's world. The effort, attention and screen time enjoyed by happy – some 100 shots per episode is unprecedented for a CG character on a television show.

axisVFX was also responsible for the creation of 40 other CG characters introduced during the series runtime including Happy's villain Raspberry the three-headed dog and also lead the production of three 20-second marketing spots. The team also produced animation of Happy for a series of bespoke promos for the show as well as an AR app, which enables users to see the character appear in the real world via their smartphone screen.

Ross Gilbert, CG supervisor
Grant Hewlett, VFX supervisor
Friedl Jooste, animation supervisor
Alex Stratulat, lead character artist
Ross Allen, digital compositor
Andrew Clunes, render lead
Jonas Bergholm
Rodrigo Echevarría, digital compositor
Tiffany Mazeau, lighting artists
Jessica Phillips, visual effects coordinator
Siubhan Smith, visual effects producer
Ivelina Dobreva, compositing supervisor

Nuke, Houdini, Maya