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APDG Awards


What is Production Design?
Simply: everything in front of the lens, be it digital or physical Every object and every detail, large and small, in front of the DoP and Director.

All forms of production design begin from nothing. A blank set, an empty stage, a fresh script, a new notebook.
To fill that emptiness requires an incredible number of decisions. Research, sketching, mood boards, manufacturing... all build towards communicating thousands of subtle cues to an audience.

This was our inspiration for the APDG Awards title sequence: to start from nothing, without even colour, and experience the clean slate of the Production Designer. We emphasise that everything on stage or screen is the result of the careful and meticulous planning, research, and experimentation of the various Production Design Disciplines - with some nods to the celebration of the awards and winners.

Design and 3D: Substance

Director: Scott Geersen
Edit: Joseph Morris
Music: Alexander L'Estrange & Ben Parry

Cinema 4D