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Camry WebGL Configurator

Rotor Studios

In collaboration with R/GA Sydney, we developed one of the world’s first browser-based, lightweight, fast-loading WebGL car configurators which allows customers to explore the Camry in realtime on any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. The user can select the grade, colour, engine and transmission of their Camry, and can view their car configuration from any angle in a photoreal environment. This experience is bringing real-time CG online with highly photorealistic quality; it enables Toyota to reach customers in innovative new ways, and has absolutely exceeded our client’s KPIs. This technology is the evolution of automotive marketing, bringing virtual cars into people’s homes and phones.

VFX Crew Animators:
Mark Serena
Ben Muller

Other Crew:
Micha Wotton
Phil Edwards
Merwyn Lim
Lee Dennis
Ryan Digney
Joseph Maynard
Rob Bruce
Isabella Clark