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The Commuter


Cinesite's teams in Montreal and London created over 850 shots for tense thriller The Commuter, with production VFX Supervisor Steve Begg. The range of work included seamless VFX, from exciting fight sequences to the challenging, spectacular final crash, complete with CG train, environment, debris and extensive FX.

Production VFX Supervisor - Steve Begg

Cinesite Crew:
VFX Supervisor - Stéphane Paris
Digital Effects Supervisor - Zave Jackson
Compositing Supervisors - Alex Webb, Nicolas Borens
CG Supervisors - Luke Wilde, Sean Lewkiw, Tim Potter
On Set VFX Supervisor - Nicolas Chevallier
Lead Texture Artists - Celestin Salomon, Peter Aversten
Lead Digital Matte Painter - Philippe Langlois
Lead Matchmove Artists - Matt Boyer, Suzie Askham
Lead Animators - Brett Schroeder, Paul Lee, Peter Clayton
Lead FX Artist - Alexandre Aillet
Lead Lighting Artists - Mark Stepanek, Vincent Techer
Lead Compositors - Bertrand Breuze, Helen Newby, Olivier Weigall
Animators - Lee Cashmore, Luca Cantani, Sandra Guarda, Simon Irvine, Thomas Enjalbert

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Arnold, SideFX Houdini, Foundry Nuke, Foundry Mari, Adobe Photoshop, 3DEqualizer, Pixar Tractor, FTrack, Cinesite proprietary tools