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Myer: Santaland Express


Myer Santaland Express is an experiential feast, with a constantly travelling world that covers a 12K wide screen, lasting for 2 minutes. The artists devised a seamless combination of live action, 3D and high res stills that allowed us to create a world that felt engaging and fun. A real highlight for the director was the live-action component, shooting the very cute characters that appear throughout the film and culminate in a snowball fight on arrival in Santaland, which really delivers some gorgeous moments of goofy action that bring considerable charm to the final film.

Director: Kyra Bartley
DOP: Rupert Brown
Grip: Dave Griffith
Gaffer: Matt Russell
VFX Supervisor: Jamie Watson
Senior Producer: Charu Menon
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
CG Lead Artist: Luke Carvell
Compositor Lead: Bertrand Polivka
Colourist: Greg Constantaras
Art Director: Liz Kavanagh