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Rotor Studios

Working in collaboration with Protein One, Rotor Studios developed a fully interactive Virtual Reality experience for Re.Group, set in their recycling facility in Hume. With the Oculus Rift, school children are able to learn about recycling by virtually walking through the recycling facility which we recreated realistically at 1-1 scale, using actual CAD of the specialised machinery on display.
The experience is fully interactive and includes realistic physics simulations that allow the children to explore the facility, pick up and sort different types of trash with their hands and play three different mini-games designed to be both educational and fun. A voiceover and a large screen mirroring the user’s point-of-view allows an entire class of children to watch the experience and learn alongside the user.
The breadth and depth of the experience, involving many game mechanics, extensive interactivity and large-scale levels, has made this a groundbreaking project for both Rotor Studios and Protein One.

VFX Crew Animators:
Ben Muller
Robert Bruce

Other Crew:
Jay Yabsley
Jane Sproule
Galvin Scott Davis - Concept / Creative Director, Protein One
Anthony Ishinjerro - Storyboards / UI Design, Protein One

Oculus Rift & controllers

Software  editing):
Unreal Engine (UE4)