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Rotor Studios

Toyota Motor Corporation commissioned Rotor Studios to launch the new generation of the RAV4 with a global launch film which would allow them to emotionally capture the imagination of consumers around the world. Our challenge was to create a stunning piece of photorealistic CG content that highlighted the sense of freedom, adventure and exploration this breakthrough vehicle offers, and that befits the game-changing reputation of the RAV4 in the global market. We created three different versions of the film, each specific to the 3 different vehicle grades and each with unique environments that complimented their respective qualities and idiosyncrasies. The client was very impressed with the quality of the work and the thrilling visuals which were both highly engaging and captured the exceeding versatility of this vehicle, whilst being showcased to a global audience for the first time.

VFX Crew Animators:
Glenn Stewart - Creative Director
Rodrigo Ribeiro - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Tom Coe - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Callum Lyons - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Irena Bendeich - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Brad Betts - Animation
Alejandro Garrido - Particle FX
Sophie Hogan - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Shaun Schellings - 3D Asset Modelling / Light / Comp
Luke Sandford - Fluid / Particle FX
Jay Shadlow - Compositing
Chris Charlton - Compositing
David Cannings - Editing
Dom Femia - Rotoscoping
Matt Campbell & Matt Fezz - Grade
Alex Nalty - Vehicle Asset Prep

Other Crew:
Glenn Stewart - Live Action Director
Elaine Roy - Producer / Post Producer
Richard Sutherland - Tech Lead
Courtney Rawlings - Production Coordinator
Rupert Brown - DOP
Rick McMullen - Gaffer
Dave Griffiths - Grip
Joanna Mae Park - Wardrobe
Michelle Aikin - Makeup

Cinema 4D