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FIJI Water - Drop


The spots follow the journey alongside and inside a raindrop that falls high from the sky through the breathtaking, natural environments of Fiji, until it reaches the ground. It then transitions to show athletes refueling with the brand’s new water sports cap bottle after sprinting through a wildly contrasting urban landscape. The surroundings may be different, but the pureness of FIJI Water remains the same.

It was essential to seamlessly depict the raindrop’s fast-paced journey through the different environments. MPC was tasked with building the CG water droplet that falls from the sky, reflecting and magnifying the beauty of the scenes shot in Fiji.

The raindrop itself was simulated CG geometry that then had all of the different textures refracted through the UV map. This process was also applied to the droplet reflections, mapping high dynamic range skies onto the outside, so a more immersive and richer effect could be achieved.

This process enabled the compositors to animate the raindrops and have full control over motion blur, depth of focus, refraction and reflections, making them as realistic and multifaceted as possible.

The shots were a mixture of multiple plates, matte painting, 2D and CG clouds, ultimately creating a sequence that felt seamless with reality. The spot was graded by MPC’s colorist Ricky Gausis.

VFX crew Animatiors
2D Supervisor - Oliver Caiden

Compositors - Rodrigo Jimenez, Sandra Ross, Hector Cabrera, Abhilash A, Rahul Verma, Rajinikanth R, Stalin Balan, Venkata S, Vivek Tekale

CG Supervisor - Josh Hatton

FX - Andy Sheng

Lighter - Annie Zhao

DMP - Rocco Gioffre, Joyett Fernandes, Vamsi Krishna

Editor - Billy Sacdalan

Animator - Alex Moon

Prep - Abdul Labeeb, Arkhil K.P, Akshay Agrawal, Bruno Roosewelt, M D Karthikeyan, Padma Priya, Suresh Pitchuka

Other Crew
Agency - Wonderful Agency

Director - Michael