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Jordan Soles RodeoFX

As VP Development & Technology at Rodeo FX, Jordan Soles will talk about the company's work at the forefront of cloud usage in the visual effects industry. Rodeo FX began cloud rendering with its initial work on 'Game of Thrones' in 2014. By final delivery on the series' most recent Season 7, their team had found more key applications for the cloud. 

The studio was also among the first VFX studios to use hybrid cloud rendering as a tool, and continues to explore new ways to make the most of its capabilities. In his talk, Jordan will examine how they have used the cloud to backup data, as a safety measure, and to share data. Serving as a virtual studio, the cloud lets Rodeo FX easily share data with its teams around the world and with outsourcing partners, resulting in longer production hours and a positive impact on user experience. 

Jordan Soles works in business development and oversees all technological aspects of the company, from IT infrastructure to software and pipeline design, to production management. With a degree in AI and Cognitive Science from University of Toronto, Jordan takes both a creative and a systematic approach to problem-solving. While leading Rodeo's team of engineers and developers, he also works alongside their VFX Producers and Supervisors.

AEAF Speaker Program

Network, Learn and Share at AEAF 2018 AEAF is a celebration of VFX and Animation with a speaker program and awards evening 30 August at the Chauvel Cinema Paddington Sydney. AEAF's speakers include VFX Supervisors, Animation and Creative Directors and Producers who share new, creative approaches to their work and insights into the projects they have worked on. After a day of talks, the AEAF Awards Night celebrates the best work by digital artists artists from around the world. Book now