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AEAF Awards receives a huge number of entries every year, but many arrive with no details. Find out how to use the Entry Form to tell the judges all about your project and your team.

Give Your Entries a Flying Start at the 2018 AEAF Awards

MPC buster the boxer

Every year, AEAF Awards receives a huge number of entries from around the world – punchy ad campaigns for the biggest brands to swirling motion graphics, blockbuster movies and indie films, emotional shorts and passion projects. They come from major studios and smaller ones, and display a huge range of expertise. Being on the judging panel is terrific, and also a terrific challenge to narrow down the pool projects to the list of finalists and, ultimately, to the lineup of winners.

What's also amazing is how many projects arrive with no other information than a title and the name of a studio or artist. The first place judges look when trying to narrow the field and make critical decisions is your Entry Form. Did you notice all the blanks and the information requested? 

It's a good idea to respond to as many of the requests for information on the Form as possible for projects entered at AEAF. At the time you actually submit your work you may be under pressure and not have enough time to fill in every field. That's OK – submit your work and then send further details later This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you have time. We will even remind you.


Either way, the more the judges know about your project the better because the best VFX work is, of course, made to look simple, easy or even invisible. The same is true of animation. The most engaging animated characters and exciting FX look subtle and effortless. Certainly, most of our judges can read between the lines and will appreciate what you have done, but they will read it a lot faster and more accurately if you supply the background details.

The Entry Form was designed to let you tell us about your work and your team. For example -
- Who were the lead artists on the project and what were their roles?

- What were the main tools in your pipeline? Did your pipeline takes special advantage of them in special ways? Have you used proprietary software?

- How long did you devote to the project?

- What was challenging, easy, surprising, fun? What did you learn?

- Have you achieved something groundbreaking in this project that you want us to know about? What has been done for the first time?

You don't need to write something creative. Lists and bullet points are perfect. But give the judges – and your entries - a flying start by sharing some of your process and tools with us.

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