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AEAF Hall of Fame

AWAF Awards 2015

We have established the AEAF Hall of Fame to recognize some of the people who have contributed to the advancement of the arts of Animation and Visual Effects over the years. Here we have listed all the finalists and winners. Many of the artists who worked on these projects have gone on to become stars of the visual effects industry around the world, winning awards, acclaim and achieving success as artists. We congratulate everyone who contributed to work submitted to the AEAF Awards.
    Previous winners of the AEAF Awards are among the world's premier post-production companies, effects houses and studios. You can see the full list of winnere foreach year below.

AEAF 2021 Announces Winners and Finalists

WetaDigi GodzillaKong2

2021 has been a wonderful AEAF! Congratulations to everyone that has participated. We hope you enjoyed watching the Awards Showreel with us. Find the list of winners and awards inside.

2021 has been a wonderful AEAF! Despite having to go another year without getting together to celebrate the Awards, keeping in touch with your teams through the great work you have entered has been thrilling. Please see the list of winners and awards below. Congratulations to everyone that has participated, and thanks to everyone who watched the Awards Showreel with us, from wherever you live in the world. One of the good things about making AEAF virtual is that there’s now an audience around the world who can watch the AEAF Awards.

Still more thanks is due to the terrific speakers who took time to tell us about the work their teams put into some of the best projects completed in the last 18 months. Demand has clearly been growing in the animation, VFX and motion graphics industries since last August. We’re getting ready for AEAF 2022.

AEAF 2020 Awards Celebrates Winners and Finalists

It's time to congratulate everyone who has entered the AEAF 2020 Awards. All winners are listed below along with all finalists.

Psyop time

AEAF Awards 2019 Winners and Finalists

Weta avengers endgame

Weta Digital earned the Gold award for their work on 'Avengers: Endgame' in the Feature Film VFX category.

Congratulations! Below is a list of the finalist entries to AEAF Awards 2019. The Awards not only attracted a bigger number of projects this time, but also truly excellent quality and very high levels of workmanship, creativity and expertise. The Feature Film category has grown with top releases from the last year, and the VR, AR and experiential categories keep evolving and expanding in unexpected ways. Many thanks to everyone who entered.  The winners were announced at the best industry party in Sydney all year, the AEAF Awards Night on 16 August 2019.

The AEAF Awards were held on 30 August with a huge crowd in attendence at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington following a day of awe-inspiring Speaker Sessions.

AEAF Awards 2018 Winners and Finalists

AEAF Reception

The AEAF Awards were held on 30 August with a huge crowd in attendance at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington following a day of awe-inspiring Speaker Sessions. Friendly artists, a starry night and terrific, better-than-ever projects were the themes of the night. See images below of artists and speakers on the night, plus a listing of all winning and finalist entries.

AEAF Awards 2017 Finalists and Winners

AEAF 2017 was held on 16 August with a full day of top speakers and an Awards event that brought together artists from around the world. SEE all the winners inside


Weta AEAF Awards2017 w

AEAF Awards 2016 Winners

The AEAF Awards went off with a bang on 17 August. The Finalists and Winners Showreel was looking better than ever, the house was full and everyone enjoyed the party.

AEAF 2016 Rotor studios1

AEAF Finalists - Winners 2015

Feature Film VFX
GOLD  Guardians of the Galaxy – Framestore
SILVER  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Weta Digital
BRONZE  Mad Max: Fury Road - Iloura
Special Merit   X-Men: Days of Future Past - RSP
Special Merit   Under the Skin – One of Us
The Maze Runner - Method Studios
Jupiter Ascending  - Method Studios
The Woman in Black: Angel of Death - BlueBolt
The Imitation Game  - BlueBolt
The Amazing Spider -Man 2 - MPC
Exodus: Gods and Kings - MPC
Dracula Untold  - Framestore
Jupiter Ascending  - Framestore
Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb  - MPC
Jupiter Ascending  - One of Us

AEAF Finalists - Winners 2014

Feature Film VFX
GOLD  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Weta Digital
SILVER  Edge of Tomorrow  -  Framestore
BRONZE  Man of Steel  -  MPC

AEAF Finalists & Winners 1996 - 2013

AEAF Finalists & Winners 2013

Commercials VFX
GOLD Cartier Odyssey - QUAD Productions
SILVER Qualcomm Snapdragon Coming Soon – Framestore
BRONZE Foxtel Olympics 2012 Seeing Is Believing - Alt.vfx