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Zip out with Vespa

Spatial Sauce


Zip out with Vespa is a lighthearted, quick and fun Instagram AR filter we have created for the iconic Vespa brand, with a vision to offer a short and fun virtual escape for the Vespa fans around the world locked in their homes. As they were not able to get on the road, we brought the road to them.

It encourages fans to “zip out” for a ride for a quick beverage on their virtual Vespa, randomly taking them to one of the five most desired destinations around the world. Users can enjoy the perfect cup of espresso in Milan, a delicious bubble tea in Singapore, a hot brewed green tea in Tokyo, a rich chocolate milkshake in Paris and a colorful mocktail in Sydney!

Using augmented reality, we have seamlessly embedded the users’ face onto the virtual Vespa rider in the filter in real time, allowing them to “drive” their Vespa by the head and face gestures, and “drink” the beverages for a fun effect.

Instagram’s 4 MB file size limit for filters was a challenge to create an experience at this level, which required quite ingenious ways to deliver the craft while keeping the size down, but our team has risen to the challenge.

The filter encourages users to record their trip as a video and share as an Instagram story, achieving social advocacy and spread for the brand, and has been picked up by a number of industry influencers around the world.


Maya, Photoshop, SparkAR