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Category: Commercials - Animation

Namoto Films


Creative Concept

Whether roaming outside alone or early experiences with mobile devices —
letting kids run free and trust in their safety is no easy matter.
But it is part of growing up. Fortunately, there are XPLORA smart watches.
With them parents and children can always be connected.
So the kids can enjoy their first great freedom and the parents have a feeling of security. This makes becoming independent more joyful for everyone.

Camera Concept

The process of world exploration was strengthened visually through two distinct camera styles.

The first three scenes are told from the “Child’s Perspective”: handheld camera,
lower point-of-view, slight telephoto lens, less depth-of-field and stronger colours.
The kid also always heads towards the camera.

As soon as the child is equipped to explore the universe with the XPLORA and runs to his friends in scene six, the viewpoint changes into the “Parents’ Perspective”.

This means calmer movements, higher point-of-view, wide-angle lens and less saturation.
The child now moves away from the camera and into the world.

The light is constantly bright and friendly with soft nuance and shadows.


VFX - Manuel Kotulla
Tanja Kerner
Inés Kossack
Timon Patris
Katharina Schanderl


Other - Maggy Fischer
Benita Kotulla


Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Substance Painter, zBrush