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Virtually Wild

Spatial Sauce


Virtually Wild was developed as a touring school holidays activation for a Shopping Centre chain, with a view to attract family audiences back to the Centres after lockdowns and general consumer confidence drop.

Virtually Wild is an "edutainment" experience like no other, putting the kids in the same space with the most beloved wild animals like lions, gorillas and elephants, in a never done before way.

Unlike other AR installations with pre-rendered 3D content, our content is 100% LIVE and our AI animals roam the area freely interacting with the guests. Using AR combined with AI, we have created an immersive space with "live" animals that interact with our guests, reacting to their actions, coming to them when called, sniffing them, asking for pats and even eating from their hands!

Despite the real time rendering, we were able to deliver high quality and visually impactful animals, achieving believability and excitement.

The digital "set" and soundscape for each animal was designed to match their local habitat, and augmented onto the physical set on location in real time. Our unique depth mapping platfrom allowed us to render the Live animals walking in front and behind the real life players in the 3D space, and occlude content in real-time with no need for a green screen setup.

We carefully balanced exciting and fun interactions with respectful and educational encounters, ensuring we educate and inspire our young guests as we entertain them.

The activation had to tour multiple Centres nationally, so had to be portable and flexible enough to set up in different spaces and formats. It's a great proof that experiences of this calibre are not exclusive to big museums, and can even be brought to regional areas where kids do not get always opportunities for experiences like this.


Maya, Unity, After Effects, Sketch