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Feature Films VFX

Tom & Jerry



Framestore was the sole VFX company working on the Warner Bros.' eye-popping Tom & Jerry, a unique, feature-length combination of live action and CG. Directed by Tim Story and based on Joseph Barbara and William Hanna's classic characters, the film sees the iconic cat and mouse embroiled in endless gags against the backdrop of an upscale New York City hotel. As main creative partner, our talented artists brought their A-game to this hyperkinetic clash of styles, merging classic 2D animation aesthetics with cutting-edge VFX.


Studios, Hanna-Barbera, Framestore     

Animation Director: Michael Eames
Animation Supervisors: Aulo Licinio, Kayn Garcia, Arslan Elver
Animators: Framestore     VFX Supervisors: Andy Kind, Mark Curtis


Maya, Freak (in-house renderer); custom lighting pipeline and custom rigging pipeline tools; Nuke; Avid. with Nuke for comping. For editing we used Avid.