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TV Series

The Third Day

IMG, Freefolk, MPC and Rob Delicata


A psychological thriller, from Sky / HBO, The Third Day is a six-part visceral drama and a theatrical event, set on the mysterious British island, Osea, a captivating and distortive world where all is not as it seems. Ivor comments on the complications with such a brief: “In a distortive world we had to create photo-real effects that in reality were impossible, they had to look subtle to fit in with the tone and look of the series.  Many of the shots were quite complex and, in tying in with the symbolism and mythology of the narrative, they had to be created to appear at exactly the right moment to enhance and intensify the dangerously enchanting world, pulling this off was essential to the viewers understanding. 

The VFX had to be subtle and not overpower.  One of the fascinating things about the show is that it is set on Osea island, which is a real island with a causeway, which is only open twice a day, in the Blackwater Estuary, and a good part of the show was shot there. As you can imagine this was quite a logistical problem to solve for the production. We were cut off by the tide just as the protagonists are in the script.”Ivor, along with VFX Producer, Rob Delicata, carefully selected five vendors to work with on the project this, who they knew would be capable of producing the required level of intricate work.The facilities involved were Ivor’s company IMG VFX, with Sally Goldberg as VFX Supervisor, Freefolk, with Steve Murgatroyd as VFX Supervisor, MPC with Oliver Winwood as VFX Supervisor and Lenscare with Sascha Fromeyer supervising, as well as Union.

There was a broad range of shot types involved for all vendors, including environmental work, sky replacements and changing coastlines. The island had to look more remote than it actually is, so VFX modified the horizons.  For the Causeway itself the filming window was narrow due to the tide, so a great deal of work went into matching water levels and getting them to look right for the narrative. 



Overall VFX Supervisor - Ivor MiddletonOverall VFX Producer - Rob DelicataIMG VFX Supervisor - Sally GoldbergFreefolk VFX Supervisor - Steve MurgatroydMPC VFX Supervisor - Oliver Winwood