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The Little BIG Roadtrip - AR Campaign

Spatial Sauce


We have developed “The Little BIG Roadtrip” AR Campaign for AMP Shopping Centres targeting family audiences, encouraging them to make multiple visits to the Centres during the Easter school break.

School breaks used to mean family holidays and road trips. But not lately, as we are all pretty much stranded. So, we decided to take our visitors on a road trip around Australia, as a short, fun and irreverent getaway, without even leaving the Centres.

The Little BIG Roadtrip AR campaign takes shoppers on a virtual road trip collecting tokens and winning Prizes, one "big thing" at a time! From BIG Banana to BIG Gala, from BIG Prawn to BIG Pineapple, these beloved novelty slices of Australiana are as much fun in AR as they are IRL, and appeal to parents and kids alike.

Users were encouraged to complete the road trip and seek and find all eight BIG landmarks in the Centre by solving the riddles about the location of the next, and each landmark gave them more tokens for a draw to win prizes.

WebAR based delivery meant that the users did not have to download a custom app, achieving a very low friction user engagement process, while still delivering a great AR experience and craft.

It ran across the AMP shopping Centres portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, and was active for 3 weeks.


Maya, PlayCanvas, 8th Wall, HTML5