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Subnautica: Below Zero



The launch trailer for ‘Subnautica: Below Zero’ is the third cinematic trailer created for this much-loved open world survival action-adventure game. Set two years after the original game, and in the arctic region of Planet 4546B, the game marks a new chapter in the Subnautica Universe – a story that the REALTIME team was delighted to help bring to the screen.

There are always many challenges in any CG animation project, and for this project it was the subtle comedy aspect of the trailer. Comedy is notoriously hard to get right and finding that balance of the mundane daily grind becoming increasingly dangerous was the key to building the humour naturally.

The project took around 3–4 months to complete. A big chunk of that was the creative process in preproduction and getting the idea to work and flow.

This project features a lot of simulation, whether that be billowing fur on the snow stalkers or the clothing of our hero character. We really wanted to sell the visceral experience of the protagonist so we decided one way to do that would be through the realism of the simulation work. We felt even though it is not a photorealistic-looking world, you would feel more for the characters if the level of detail was relatable.

The team is most proud of the small details in this project. Again, we latch onto small details as being relatable. So, sipping on a hot coffee before the daily grind begins, with the steaming aroma wafting up your nostrils, or beating down into the icy ground as warm breath vapours escape through your mask. It all adds to the viewer experience, and it matters a lot. We feel this level of attention to detail is what we are most proud of in our work here at REALTIME.


Nicolas Seck – Animation Director
John Batchelor – Lead Animator
Ciaran Dempsey – 3D Animator
Mario Linares – Creature Animator
Dmitriy Tunik – 3D Character Animator/Rigger
Kimberley Watts – Character Animator
Will Eades - Animator
    David Weaver – Senior Character Artist
James Turvey - Modeller
Danilo Lombardo – Environment TD
Gareth Alldred - Modeller
Barry Legg - Modeller
Jason Swift-Clowes – Character Modeller
Marlon Nuñez – Character Modeller
Eszenyi Gábor – Lead Modeler
Simon Dixon - Scene Dev / Layout Artist & Fur / Foliage FX Artist
Jon Clayton - Scene Dev / Layout Artist
Ahmed Shalaby – Character TD/Rigger
Ivan Vujovic – Concept Artist
Graham Collier – Senior Generalist and FX TD
Adrian Vickers – Senior VFX TD
Daniel Lloyd-Wood – FX and Pipeline TD
Cristian Scubli – Senior CG Generalist
James Kirkham – Lead Generalist/Lighting
Joseph Worthington – CG Lighter
Stu Bayley – Art Director / Director
Bhavini A Shah – Producer

3DS Max, V-Ray, ZBrush, UE4