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Commercials - Animation

Spotify Premium Atlanta



Spotify In-house came to us to help bring their Hyperlocal project to life for Atlanta. Together we focused on the eccentric vibes of the city which inspired the local artist we were showcasing. Through the distinct skyline, art, sculptures, and culture of each city, we brought the spot to life using 2D animation. The edit was, of course, heavily influenced by the music track we were supplied for Atlanta and the track helped to inform the flow of the spot and give the viewer a sense of the vibes of this city.


Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky, Executive Producer: Steven Anderson, Producer: Dylan Ptak, Creative Director: Duarte Elvas, Animator/Designers: Dan Moore, Tricia Kleinot, Jordan Bergren, Nik Braatz, Sean Skube, Ally Munro, Josh Smiertka, Jake Allen, Editor: Duarte Elvas, Nik Braatz, Finish: Cory Davis, Michael Burke


After Effects, Cinema 4D