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Augmented Reality

Sky Mobile - Time For Tea

Spatial Sauce


Imagine if all the good things in life were unlimited! Absolute's VFX and CG team created extendable seating (more friends), limitless pizza (more food), pancakes for everyone (even more food) and a tandem ride for two (more fun), all thanks to Sky Mobile's campaign


Post-Production: Absolute
Creative Director/2D Lead: Phil Oldham
CG Lead: James Coore
Colour: Matt Turner
CG: Sersha Lawrence, Matt Burn, Huggy Stephens, Josh Dowsett, Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy
2D Artists: Owen Saward, Scott Simmonds, Tom Clapp, Lucas Warrren, Chris Tobin, Elliot Platt     
Absolute Producer: Lisa Vaughan

Agency: Engine
Creatives: Doug Redfern & Joe Roberts
Account Team: Ed Norrington, Charlotte Roberts, Hannah Shelley
Producer: Lindsay Moyes

Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Ernest Desumbila
Producer: Mikey Levelle

Edit: Cut and Run
Editor: James Rose


Maya, Houdini, Flame, Nuke, Zbrush, Substance painter, Arnold, DaVinci Resolve