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SHEBA Hope Reef



Made up of three complex-CG environments, based on low-res footage of the reef in its early growth stage and working with leading coral biologist Professor David Smith. The 90-second film follows the journey of a tropical Chromis fish from tragedy to hope as it weaves through an area of the Indo-Pacific, passing over a devastated coral reef and on towards a healthy reef bed, which serves as a bittersweet reminder of what’s at stake. In the final act, we see the Chromis encounter ‘Hope Reef’ a man-made coral reef, carefully planted to spell out the word ‘H-O-P-E’, which sits at the heart of the SHEBA® brand’s mission to support vital reef-growing projects and marks the start of the world’s largest coral reef restoration program. The final reveal of the HOPE reef was based on drone footage from the actual location, but showcases what the reef will look like in five years when the coral has fully re-grown.


Animation Supervisor: Jed Fisher
Animation: Joe Kane, Gez Wright     

Production Company:Framestore Pictures
Director: Murray Butler
VFX & Colour: Framestore
VFX Supervisor: Grant Walker
CG Supervisor: Hernan Llano
2D Supervisor: Michael Baker
Asset: Joel Best
Environment Lead: Baptiste Roy
Look Dev/Lighting Lead: Henrique Campanha
Assets/Lighting: Timothee Maron
Look Dev/Lighting: Luca Veronese
FX: Stephen Moroz, Rod Tebisx
Rigging: Robert Joosten
Layout: David Cattermole
Previs: Alex Jeremy
Comp: Manuel Rivoir
Texture: Florence Green
DMP: Baptiste Chauveau
Heiro: Jack Hubbard
Colour: Steffan Perry
Editor: Carey Williams, Isabelle Slocombe
Head of Advertising: Helen Hughes
Senior Producer: Sophie Harrison
Line Producer: Hannah Critchley
Production Assistant: Benjamin Michell & Chloe Dunn
Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Alex Grieve
ECDs: Nadja Lossgott & Nicholas Hulley
Creative Director: Andre Hull, Clark Edwards, Mario Kerkstra (art director)
Creative Team: Clark Edwards & Andre Hull, Mat Scholes & Pieter Rossouw, Ricardo Porto & Victor Bustani
Creative Design Director: Mario Kerkstra


houdini, maya, nuke, heiro, substance, zbrush & mari