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Searching For Superhuman


Category: TV Series
Titles/Openers - TV

Wildbear Entertainment


Humans have long been intrigued by the mysteries of our origins and the mechanics of our bodies and minds, continually examining our biological makeup in the hope of achieving our ultimate potential. This compelling six-part science documentary series profiles the breathtaking scientific discoveries made over the past decades – discoveries which have revolutionised our understanding of what it means to be human and informed the way we strive to live longer, better, smarter and stronger.

For this series, Designer Josh Parisotto created a visually engaging motion graphics that simply, yet effectively detailed medical processes and procedures.


VFX crew Animators:
Josh Parisotto
Other Crew:
Graphics Manager: Zoe Whittaker
Design Team Co-Ordinator: Melinda O'Callaghan
Design Team Leader: Nik Wansbrough


Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effects
Element 3D
Adobe Premiere