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TV Series

Salve-se quem Puder

TV Globo


As a backdrop for the series "Salve-se Quem Puder", there was the need for a hurricane to hit Cancun.
A large chroma key background was erected in a water park to be used as a set. With the help of water cannons and fans, the actors were able to react and interact with the elements and debris.

Some background images were shot in Cancun, were composited with the actor´s water park footage and more rain and debris.
The City of Cancun was recreated in 3D through photogrametry. In order to simulate the flooding and wind caused by a hurricane, water and wind simulations were done in Houdini. The renders were all done using Maya/Arnold.

The wide shots of the city of Cancun are all full CG.


VFX supervisors - Bruno Netto, Raoni Nery, Enrico Gigliotti
VFX crew -
Vinicius Villela,
Tiago Adloff,
Ricardo Nóbrega,
Marcos Bezerra,
Leandro Nascimento,
Paulo Cesar Duarte,
Vinicius Paciello,
Jacques Evangelista,
Raphael Lima,
Sergio Yamasaki,
Brian Toledo,
Leonardo Lino,
Jelles Ribeiro,
Brenda Ximenes,
Diego Thomazini,
Fernando Leka,
Tiago Silvério,
Tuninho Martins,
Ivan Lima,
Talitha Mariana,
Danilo de Lucio,
Eduardo Bivar,
Higor Mattos,
Thiago Anjos,
Cristiano Dourado,
Luciano Lopes,
Maurício Con,
Claudio Iorio,
Ricardo Rocha,
João Gurgel,
Cuti Dias     Artistic Director - Fred Mayrink
Directors -
Alexandre Klemperer, Bia Coelho, Hugo de Sousa, João Bolthauser


Maya, Arnold, ZBrush, Flame, Nuke, Agisoft Metashape, Substance, SpeedTree and Mari