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S+C+A+R+R - I Had To Leave

Passion Paris Production


After having entrusted Jack Antoine Charlot with the artistic direction of his unique universe in his first opus 'The Rest Of My Days', S+C+A+R+R renews his confidence in the director of Passion Paris by granting him the direction, once again, of this new hit 'I Had To Leave'.


Artist: S+C+A+R+R

Directed by: Jack Antoine Charlot
Produced by Passion Paris

Producer: Marc Bodin-Joyeux & Marion Vermogen
Post-Producer: Emile Chaillou & Rita Oliveira

Music and Lyrics by S+C+A+R+R
Recorded produced and Mixed by: Dan Levy
@ The WatchTower Studio - Madville

Post-Production/Animation: Kombbo

Label: Cinq7 / Wagram