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PETA - Freedom



To help raise the awareness of gorillas in captivity, PETA asked us to create a fully animated digital gorilla who is locked in a zoo. The initial target audience was social media in Germany and central Europe.
According to PETA, the campaign has reached more than 70 million people worldwide and the film has been watched more than 30 million times.


Jesper Ohlsson - Regissör - Backyard Productions
Anders Freij - VFX & Animation Supervisor - FABLEfx
Kaj Steveman - VFX Creative Producer - FABLEfx
Mikael Johansson - Technical Director - FABLEfx
Dajeong Park - Groom and shading - FABLEfx
Venkat Suhakar - Modeling - FABLEfx
Vikas Jaiswal - Rigging - FABLEfx
Wincent Sandelius - Lighting - FABLEfx
Edin Lee - Comp - FABLEfx
Simon Pontén - Editor - Artofficialagency
Mattias Rudh - DoP
Thomas Wall - Grade/Online - Cinegrace
Joakim Kristensson - Sound Design - Red Pipe Studios
Robert Eklund - Sound Design - Red Pipe Studios
Johan Edström - Producer - The Chapel Films
Queen - Music
Christian Coslar - Head of Creative - PETA
Jobst Eggert - Social Media Manager - PETA

Maya, Nuke