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Perrier - Heat

Mikros MPC


Directed by world-renowned director Cary Joji Fukunaga (Gang Films), ‘Heat’ by PERRIER® is an allegory that illustrates the brand’s thirst for life and its historic view on the strength of females. In ‘The Heat’, the protagonist represents strength and intelligence as an all-conquering icon within an overheating world. The epic story includes a wake-up call to life created by the iconic sonic of Perrier echoing across a deserted town. As she is pursued in a wild chase, she overcomes numerous obstacles to protect the water that is keeping her alive, embodying a solution for the future by revealing that she bears life.


VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz, Stephane Pivron
CG Supervisor: Harry Bardak
Flame Artists: Stephane Pivron, Mathieu Caulet, Franck Lambertz
Lead Matte Painting: Christophe Courgeau
Matte Painting: Benjamin Bardou, Léa Gonzalez
Lead Compositing: Daniel Benjamin
Compositing: Sebastien Podsiadlo, Aurelie Gondouin, Eric Lemains, Randy Gudin
Lead Environment: Vincent Coni
Lighting: Alexandre Corcoy, Louis Maero
FX: Julien Haillot, Richard Rampaly
Motion Design: Maxime Orsini
3D Supervisor: Raju Ganesh
2D Supervisor: David Rouxel
Assets Leads: Bibin Balan P
Asset Lead: Sunil Manohar Mohapatra, Sumitha D, Palash Ramnaresh Soni, S Shashi Kumar
Comp Lead: Rajesh Kumar Kaushik
Comp: Abhilash A, Vipin Tripathi, Akula Srikanth
DMP Lead: Gowri Sankar Velusamy D
DMP: Joyett Granfred Fernandes, Mohan Rao, Sachin Dhapudkar S
Lighting: Milan Dey
Prep Supervisor: Silambarasan R P
Prep: Shaik Abdul Adil, Pitchuka Suresh, Rage     Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer: Melodie Robert, Marie-Cecile Juglair
Colour Executive Producer: Ellora Chowdhury
Color Grading: Jean-Clément Soret (MPC London)
Senior Line Producer: Shraddha U Sane
Production Coordinator: Rithika Iyer
Production Manager: Sanchit Soi

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