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Feature Film Sequence

Monster Hunter - Apceros Sequence




BlackGinger supplied all the VFX for the Apceros sequence from Monster Hunter. This started with previs and postvis for the sequence, as well as adapting the creature designs from the game for the needs of the film.

The set had limited trees and plants and were not of the fantasy style or scale required, so extensive forest extensions were needed. These also had to be dynamics ready for when the flaming stampede of elephant sized creatures came storming through. The dynamics and destruction systems for the trees were all set up in Houdini. Due to the large scene size and complexity of the trees we implemented a point cloud based layout system for positioning and scaling the trees. This allowed for proxy trees in the viewport, with the high res trees being delay loaded at render time. We pre-cached different levels of wind simulations for each tree so this didn't have to be simulated per shot. We then had a system that calculated which trees got collided with by the Apceros and these were swapped out with dynamics-ready trees that could then be simulated per shot, based on the Apceros animation. These trees would bend and break on impact.

With the ever increasing number of Apceros in each shot we ended up with a lot of full CG shots with digi-double actors in them as this was more effective that trying to integrate live action plates with so many CG elements.

Other elements included muscle systems for the Apceros and dust, sand and debris simulations.


Executive Producer - Marc Bloch
VFX Supervisor  - Marco Raposo de Barbosa
VFX Producer - Jonene van Zyl
Studio Manager - Ruth Molteno
CG Supervisors - Darrin Hofmeyr ; Angelo Beceiro Collinicos
FX Lead - Jason Slabber
Animation Lead - Louis Rossouw
Lighting Lead - William Harley
Assets Lead - Marcello Adams
Compositing Lead - Byron Tofas
Head of Cameras - Douw Van Niekerk
Creature Lead - Roelof Van Wyk
Layout / Environment lead - Sean Wilkins
VFX Editor - Stephanie Traut

3D Artists
Aaliya Moola
Adrian Le Roux
Courtney Scholtz
David Silberbauer
Dimitri Zachos
Frank Latter
Gareth Wing
Hein Oosthuizen
Jonathan Coetzer
Lawrence Jaeger
Matthew Wawn
Melikhaya Ntlageni
Natalie Celliers
Roelof Van Wyk
Ruan Rosslee
Stefan van der Sandt
Thabang Chuene

2D Artists
Annel Rautenbach
Carelize Jacobs
Chris Bekker
Daniel De Jager
Dylan Palmboom
Jean Redelinghuys
Marion Wilson
Nicholas Mackay
Rob Muir
Sara Laubscher
Tlou Mathapo
Tyla Koen     Systems Engineer - Deon Borman
Bidding Producer - Canda Kincses
Production Assistant - Mihlali Mragala
Pipeline TD - Morné Chamberlain


Tracking - 3DE
Assets - ZBrush, Modo, Substance, Mari, Capture Reality
Rigging, Animation, Shading, Lighting - Houdini
Renderer - Mantra
Comp - Nuke
VFX editorial - Nuke Studio