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Commercials - Animation

Mini Babybel - Land of Goodness



Havas Chicago briefed us on this cute series of spots for Babybel. Their mission was to create a series that's fun and irreverent as CG animations and for Babybel to be the main character of the piece. This was a wonderful challenge that we were able to accomplish by giving the cheese some sass when we animated its movements. And of course, the minimal world helped set the tone of the piece. The predominantly white space was the perfect background for the red to really pop.


Design/Production: Sarofsky, Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky, Executive Producer: Steven Anderson, Creative Lead: Duarte Elvas, Producer: Dylan Ptak Senior 3D Designer/Animator: Jake Allen, Animator/Designers: Tanner Wickware, Dan Moore, Stewart Rosburg, Matt Miltonberger, Spencer Seibert, Andrew Hyden Finish: Tanner Wickware


After Effects, Cinema 4D