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Category: Short Film

PepperMax Films, Pixel Cartoon, IbiscusMedia, Cinesite, Aniventure


MILA is a short film about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during World War II. Inspired by the mother of the director Cinzia Angelini, it’s a war story that takes on a child's perspective.

'Mila' was produced over the last 10 years thanks to the efforts of an international team of 350 volunteers from over 35 countries. Inclusion and diversity were key elements in assembling this multi-lingual, multi-cultural team. We are proud to represent a variety of countries and, in particular, that 30 percent of our members are women in leadership positions. Through a unique, world-wide online collaboration that included scores of volunteers and sponsors, PepperMax Films, Pixel Cartoon, IbiscusMedia and then culminated in substantial support from Cinesite and Aniventure, we were able to complete the production..

VFX Crew

Valerio Oss & Nate Barnard - VFX Supervisors

Christopher Hiess & Ryan Bowers - CG Supervisors
Eric Cheung - Animation Supervisor

Lorenzo Pedergnana & Rav Grewal - Layout Supervisors

Philippe Brochu - Modeling Supervisor

Cesar A. Montero Orosco & Grace Verhagen - Surfacing and Look Dev Supervisors

Laura Brousseau - Head of Lighting

Vijay Manral & Giai Jeff Wong -Lead VFX TD's

Marcus Erbar & Noah Peterson - Character Effects Supervisors

Kimberly Lorang - Rigging Supervisor

Other Crew

Cinzia Angelini - Writer/Director

Andrea Emmes-Producer

Valerio Oss- Executive Producer (Pixel Cartoon)

Valentina Martelli- Executive Producer (IbiscusMedia)

Antony Hunt - Executive Producer (Cinesite Studios)

Dave Rosenbaum - Executive Producer (Cinesite Studios)

Warren Franklin - Executive
Producer (Cinesite Studios)

Tamara Boutcher - Executive Producer (Cinesite Studios)

Peter Nagle - Executive Producer (Cinesite Studios)

Adam Nagle - Executive Producer (Aniventure)

Cinzia Angelini - Executive Producer (PepperMax Films)

Flavio Gargano - Composer

Chris Pinkston - Sound Design

Luis Grané - Character Designer

Emanuela Cozzi - Storyboard

Alexandra Kavalova & Richard Smitheman - Art Directors

Tim Denin, Valerio Oss & Ellery VanDooyeweert - Editors

Pepe Valencia & Oscar Lo - Directors of Photography

Florence Durante - Lead Matte Painter


Maya, Mari, Houdini, Gaffer, Shotgun, Photoshop