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Commercials - Animation

Mentos – Made From Awesome



With the Made From Awesome platform, Mentos delivers a fresh and updated brand personality to a new generation of consumers. In the ad, the Mentos ‘Made From Awesome’ Lab is revealed to the audience in a technicolour dream palette, whereupon the Mentos scientists reveal the quirky ways in which they concoct their fruity and fun flavours. In this instance, it takes a musically inclined cow as well as various fruit characters to blend together the new and ‘awesome’ Mentos Smoothies edition.


Agency: Isobar
General Manager: Thomas Tearle
Creative Directors: Jack Delmonte, Hadleigh Sinclair
Account Director: Amelia Bryant
Head of Production: Iain Todd
Senior Content Producer: Tom Pearce
Production Company: Unlisted
Director: Nick Lines
Executive Producer: Graham Pryor
Head of Production: Chelsea Nieper
Producer: Helen Randall
Junior Producer: Liz Manning
Head of CG: Adrian Oostergetel
Character Design: Max Clifford, Jac Nguyen
Concept Art: Jason Pamment, Sacha Bryning
Storyboards: Ben Jelfs, Jeffrey Phillips
Modelling: Paul Braddock
Rigging: Nick Lines
Character Animation: Ben Hubbard, Craig Baxter, Sauce Vilas
Texture, Lighting & FX Animation: Duncan MacDonald, Nathan Juno
Compositing: Nick Lines
Audio: Squeak E Clean Studios