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Augmented Reality

Meet the Natives

Spatial Sauce


Santa’s Secret Garden is a unique Christmas Santa Set built for Macquarie Centre; as it is based on Australian native fauna and flora, and is made of thousands of live Australian native plants.

We wanted to also feature native Australian animals as a part of the experience, but it’s not as easy to have live animals on set as it is to have live plants of course. So, we have used the power of AR in the form of a custom Instagram / Facebook filter, one that the visitors can activate on location and seek, find and experience Australian native animals within the set virtually.

The UI of the app works like a “sonar” which encourages the user to “scan” the area and follow the “blips” until they hone in on the location of each animal and reveal it in AR. Each animal has different behaviour, animations and custom soundscape, making the experience fun and exciting for the little ones and make them want to come back again.

Meet the Natives is a lighthearted, quick and fun Instagram AR filter that augments the existing physical set, and gives the visitors another reason to explore it and spend more time on location. The filter also encourages users to record their animal encounters and share as an Instagram story, achieving social advocacy and spread for the Centre.


Maya, SparkAR, Photoshop