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Commercials - Animation

Libresse/Bodyform #wombstories



The campaign film directed by Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra (Late Night) saw Framestore direct six animated sequences, each featuring a different style of animation to show the inner-worlds that act as reflections to the realities of the uterus. The film has been created to dispel myths, encourage a positive conversation and address the life-changing moments in a woman’s life, from miscarriages and the menopause to endometriosis.



Creative Director Animation: Sharon Lock
Animators: Roos Mattar (fertility)
Kate Isobel Scott
Haein Kim (first period)
Carine Khalife (endometriosis)
Laura Jayne Hodkin at Strange Beast (floodgates)
Salla Lehmus at Soja (tunnel of love)
Annie Wong
Aylin Ohri
Meagan Elemans
Molly Grace Lawton
Georgie Wilemore
Nella Addy     

Client: Libresse
Advertising Agency:AMV BBDO
Executive Creative Directors: Nadja Lossgott and Nicholas Hulley
Producer: Edwina Dennison
Director: Nisha Ganatra
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Animation, VFX and Colour: Framestore
Comp Lead: Tri Do
Compositor: Simon Stoney
Digital Matte Painting: Lee Matthews
Flame: Tim Greenwood
Colourist: Simon Bourne
VFX Producer: Emma Cook
Design Senior Producer: Niamh O’Donohoe


Photoshop, Nuke, Houdini, Flame, oil paint on glass, stop-motion using models made of fabric over metal armatures