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Music Video

K/DA ‘More’

Axis Studios


Teaming up with Riot Games, Axis created the latest music video for the single ‘More’ from virtual girl group sensations, K/DA. With influence from real K-pop and modern-day pop music videos, ‘More’ conveys the evolution of K/DA through stylized animation, dynamic lighting and impactful shots.

Providing full CG, Axis brought to life the virtual band which comprises of alternative universe versions of League of Legends champions Akali (the Rogue Assassin), Evelynn (Agony’s Embrace), Ahri (the Nine-Tailed Fox), and Kai-Sa (Daughter of the Void), along with guest artist Seraphine (the Starry-Eyed Songstress).

Due to the long-standing relationship between Riot Games and Axis, the team behind K/DA trusted our team to steer the creative vision for the music video, including initial concept and environment design. Our team also took special care in the design of the girls to stay loyal to their unique identity and aesthetics, so fans all over the world can recognize and celebrate K/DA and League of Legends.

TM & © 2020 Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends and all related logos, characters, names and distinctive likenesses thereof are designed and exclusive property of Riot Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved..


Direction - Marc & Denis Bouyer
Executive Production - Caleb Bouchard
Production - Chris Wenting
CG Supervision - Jonathon Blair
Art Direction - Maxime Dupuy & Thomas Dubois     

Alejandro More, Alex Heath, Alex Hrazhdan, Alex Stratulat, Amz Rattan, Andrew Scott, Andrien Luchanan, Aurelien Hulot, Ayse Irem Aktas, Benoit Moranne, Camille Fourniols, Ciaran Dempsey, Claudio Quarra Sacco, Claudio Tumiati, Clemence Bellier, Dan McCance, David Lewander, Djordje Jovanovic, Dulce Lopez, Duncan Formosa, Eid Fakhouri, Eilidh Brown, Elena Distefano, Eliza Siupik, Eric Pacquet, Foehn Gallet, Friedl Jooste, Guillaume Ritt, Hamish Mitchell, Harry Houghton, Ian Miller, Izabela P, Jayden Paterson, Jit Kumar Kundu, Joan Buhigas, Johanna Knaapi, John Barclay, Johnny Herbin, Josef Bsharah, Kazuya Tachibana, Kerr McNicol, Kevin Decatoire, Kevin McDade, Kirill Boutourlin, Kristina Vajdova, Laura MacMahon, Leon Tukker, Lerm Wattanawongtrakool, Liam Cramb, Louise McGregor, Maria Valle, Martin Villert, Matthew Lorenzo, Nicolas Cevrero, Paul Coulthard, Philipp Buschauer, Reno Levi, Robert Connor, Ronnie Chan, Rudy Bourgoin, Ryan Federman, Scott Willhite, Sean Sevestre, Simon LeClerc, Stanislav Klabík, Stevie Gill, Tarmo Juhola, Thibault Rhein, Tim Nendza, Tom Beattie, Will Pryor, William Liu


After Effects
Substance Painter