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Feature Film Sequence

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Storybook sequence)



Framestore has created a number of stunning animated sequences for Netflix's new flagship holiday movie Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. The Framestore team behind the sequences, under the guidance of overall VFX Supervisor Brad Parker and led by Animation director Ian Spendloff and VFX supervisors Tim Jenkinson and Johannes Sambs, created nearly eight minutes of full CG animation, designed to reflect the magically-inventive aesthetic of David E. Talbert’s film and establishes a world within a world which is loaded with emotional resonance.

A storybook structure was used in the CG sequences which top and tail the film as well as serve as narrative bridges for important parts of its story which revolves around the family of eccentric toy-maker extraordinaire Jeronicus Jangle.


Animation Supervisor: Ross Burgess
Lead Animator: James Wilson
Animators: Alex Alvarez, Emma Ewing, Alex Jeremy, Mel Wong
Storybook Creative: Ian Spendloff
VFX Supervisors: TIm Jenkinson, Johannes Sambs
VFX Production: Lucy Hare, Agnes Toomus, Hong Yane Wang,Eleanor Tooher
Previsualisation Supervisor: Vince Aupetit
Previsualisation Lead: Alex Karonis
Previsualisation Artists: LEa Arachtingi, Luis Acedo,Maud Blanchard Lemaitre, Maike Fienne, Naweed Khan, Steve Leaute, David Rencsenyi
CG Supervisor: Mathias Cadyck
Digital Effects Leads: Richard Thomas, Gabriela Ruch Salmeron
Digital Effects Artists: Anthony Arnoux, Stephen Goodson
Asset Leads: Jeremy Berruel, Nacho Del Hierro, Florence Green, Aaron Hunwick,Paola Santoro
Asset Artists: Joel Best, Linda Dussine, Tim Gregson, Omar Jason, Michael John, Justine Lecat, Timothee Maron, Marnie Pitts, Bruno Reis Coimbra, Alice Roseberry Haynes, Benjamin Shearman, Adam Smith, Steven Sole, Adam Ting, George Tomlin, Nikola Tordanov

Rigging Supervisor: David Gower
Rigging: Leo Schreiber
Lighting Artists: Luca Candela, Finella Fan, Caspian Graca Da Silva, Timothee Maron
Tracking Supervisor: David Cattermole
Tracking: Thomas Ashby, David Cao, Paul Connaughton, Alicia Saleh
Digital Matte Painter: Katherine Ross
VFX Editors: Richard Gao, Humberto Reynaga
Compositing Supervisors: Lional Heath, Suzane Jandu
Compositors: Christian Baker, Stuart Bullen, Reece McFarlane, Pedram Razi, Ben Taylor, Pablo Vera, Grzegorz Zolnowski

Title Sequences
End Titles Creative: Ian Spendloff
Front Title Creative: Sharon Lock
VFX Supervisors: TIm Jenkinson, Johannes Sambs
VFX Production: Lucy Hare, Agnes Toomus, Hong Yane Wang
Previsualisation Supervisor: Alex Karonis
Previsualisation Artists: ALlicia Saleh, Sammy Walsh, David Watson
Lighting Artist: Ed Mykolaitis
Layout: Alex Doyle, Edward Randall
Compositing Supervisor: Matthew Thomas
Compositor: Raphael Beyaert



Substance Painter