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Iggy Pop and Sink Green

Category: Web / Viral

Namoto Films


The story behind SINK GREEN is a story of craft and punk, of origin and innovation, of smart hamsters and imaginative otters, of endangered species and an international celebrity.

Kitchen sinks are a product of little interest with a rare occasion for use. 
The new sustainable sinks from SCHOCK also require a lot of explanation. 
The idea is a campaign that is extremely attention-grabbing and memorable while credibly communicating the story of the brand and the new products.

The testimonial for the SINK GREEN campaign is Iggy Pop, who stands for consistency on the one hand and rebelliousness on the other, making him a perfect match for SCHOCK. He sits on a throne made of sinks in the Bavarian Forest and 
is surrounded by animals that are protected species and support him in his sustainable mission.

The storyboard was translated into a Fusion 3D comp to get a feeling for timing and camera perspektives. This Animatic served as a guideline for the intercontinental greenscreen shooting of Iggy (he in L.A., we in Munich).

A N I M A T I O N   C O N C E P T
Full of life and micro details with a stoic type of motion.
No distraction from Iggy's epic acting.

​​​​​​​A N I M A T I O N   P R O C E S S
The large illustrations (15k px in height) were split into many Fusion 3D Layers.
The use of different kinds of particles fx, fx footage, breathing camera and a dynamic bokeh give life and a mysterios mood the scenes.


VFX - Animation Maggy Fischer, Manuel Kotulla, Tanja Kerner

Anett Grünbeck (Producer)
Joachim Hirt (Producer)
Arwed Berendts (Agency)


Fusion, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop