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Human Animal


Category: TV Series

Wildbear Entertainment


Using cutting edge science, expert interviews and stunning wildlife footage, we unravel how bizarre and outrageous animal behaviours can teach us more about being human. Ranging from the enormous silverback male gorilla with the smallest primate penis to vultures gobbling up deadly bacteria for lunch, the animal kingdom can give us remarkable insights into why we love, fight, communicate, sleep, eat and grow in such an unmistakably human way.

Throughout the series, Josh Parisotto enhanced stock footage through camera tracking, rotoscoping and match-moving, creating visual explanations of the biomechanical processes that human beings share with the rest of the animal kingdom.


VFX crew Animators:
Josh Parisotto
Other Crew:
Graphics Manager: Zoe Whittaker
Art Director: Nik Wansbrough


Adobe After Effects
Element 3D
Adobe Premiere