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Hope For Hugs

TV Globo


A very difficult year. In a steady and irreversible march, a virus spread. The whole world was quickly contaminated. Crowded hospitals, economic crisis and deaths. Experiencing social detachment, lockdown, and isolation, we all had something in common - the hope. Since the beginning of the pandemic, thousands of researchers have dedicated their days and nights to the search for the vaccine. Sharing the same dreams and the same hope, our artists started to create this film, even before any prospect of advertising. If the “remedy” is within us, what is the vaccine for? Why is it so important? Because it will give us back the life we knew!

Twenty-two designers worked for months. Most of them were at home, connected to Globo's computers. Dozens of doctors and scientists collaborated bringing precious information. The scientific rigor was total, but, in a film on this subject, the emotion comes out. It was hard work. We were running against the clock and wanted to lose the race. On December 20th, about sixty million Brazilians saw in Jornal Nacional, the main Brazilian TV news, the announcement of the release for use of the Pfizer vaccine and understood what it meant. Several news items from Globo and Globo News also showed the work.

The repercussion was immense on social networks and in the press. The film was given on request, and shown on Portuguese TV RTP. As important as informing in a clear and precise manner, it was to bring a little hope to our immense audience. Hope in the return of the hugs.

Globo Center of Design


Raoni Nery, Bruno Costa, Rodrigo Buzzetto, Eduardo Bivar, Allan Oliveira, Marcos Bezerra, Marcelo Merola, Marcelo Papf, Mauricio Salgueiro, Raphael Lima, Ricardo Nobrega, Tiago Addlof, Vinicius Paciello, Vinicius Vilella, Thiago Silvério, Eric Flexa, Alex Paiva, Victor Hugo Alves

Creative Supervisors

Alexandre Arrabal, Gilda Rocha, Lucia Modesto, Ruda Pim, Uno Oliveira, Accacio Fernandes, Mauricio Bastos, Djalma Albuquerque