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France Alzheimer - The Sailors

Passion Paris Production


The film showcases a fishing crew, a mother and her daughter on a small fishing boat being brutally shaken by a violent storm. The metaphor tells of the upheavals that a diagnosis of such an illness can cause in patients and their families: the loss of reference points, isolation, lack of understanding, and fear…
Creatively original and full of emotion, the film underscores France Alzheimer’s mission by strongly highlighting its values: the association’s proximity and support, metaphorically represented by the seagulls, and its strong sense of inclusiveness, symbolized by the compass in the sky.


Client: Association France Alzheimer et maladies apparentées

Director: MegaComputeur
Production: Passion Paris & Passion Pictures

Producer: Marion Vermogen & Marc Bodin-Joyeux Post-Producer: Rita Oliveira & Juliette Stern

VFX Colin: Perrett & Darlene Buttner
CG coordination: Suzanne Forward

Agency: ici Barbes
Creative director: Alexandre Drouillard
Art director: Timothée Bouquet, Loris Utard Copywriter: Timothée Bouquet, Loris Utard TV Producer: Elisa Clavel

Sound: Start-Rec
Music: Pablo Alfaya (Gum/Vietnam)