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Flonase - Grass Monster & Petrified Petals

The Embassy


To showcase how Flonase can protect people from even the most terrifying of allergy
symptoms, FCB called on The Embassy to craft some truly monstrous creatures. Engaged early
in the process, The Embassy team provided insight and expertise on all aspects of the
production and post-production.

A truly global project, the campaign saw The Embassy’s Vancouver and Los Angeles offices
come together with the agency team in New York, a shoot in South Africa, and director Misko
Iho based in Finland.


VFX Supervisor - Michael Blackbourn
Asset Supervisor - Paul Copeland
Compositing Supervisor - Nick Whiteley
Founder / Executive Producer - Winston Helgason
Executive Producer (US) - Kenny Solomon
VFX Producer - Danielle Kinsey
Creative Director - David Casey
Associate Producer - Annie-Claude Lapierre
CG Artists - Austin Anderson, Dmitri Bajenov, Gueschem Degni, Mehul Desai, Leslie Fulton,
Wes Lee, Terry Liu, Mike Lowes, Kenneth Polonski, Kim Savory
Compositors - Marc-Andre Gray, Riley Gray, David Koss, Sami Oms, Jeremy Seguin

Houdini, Maya, Redshift, Nuke, Premiere, Resolve