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FITC - In The Year 2525



This is a retro-futuristic gem we created, a cautionary tale that blooms at the end with hopes for a bright tomorrow, was a passion-project that took us a year to craft.
Its theme is deeply relevant for our times: An exploration of the ways in which technology and innovation—if not used wisely, can manipulate and homogenize humanity. At its core, the message is a call to celebrate individuality, and the power we have as a community to make better decisions for the future of our planet.
Set to Zager and Evans prescient song, “In the Year 2525,” we created an extraordinary modern-day Metropolis, executed in a photo-real look that we stylized to the point of feeling illustrated. Delighted with the result, it now lives on to be the official music video for the track!


Directors: Erin Sarofsky, Duarte Elvas, Executive Producer: Steven Anderson, Producer: Kelsey Hynes, Lead Artists: Jake Allen, Matt Miltonberger, Josh Smiertka, Tanner Wickware, Motion Designers: Dan Moore, Ally Munro, Griffin Thompson, Andrey Hyden, Tobi Mattner, Nik Braatz Music Supervision: Groove Guild, “In the Year 2525” Written by: Richard Evans, Performed by: Jon Notar, Featuring: Jean Rohe


After Effects, Cinema 4D