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Titles/Openers - TV

First Ladies

Blind Pig


First Ladies is a six-part docuseries about the lives of America's most iconic First Ladies. The series explores how each First Lady was transformed by their years in the White House and how they left their mark on the American political landscape and society.

Blind Pig was commissioned by production company October Films to create the main title sequence for the series, as well as all titles throughout the episodes.

The animation technique we opted for in the opening titles combined a breadth of archival imagery of each lady, married with the textures and style of the media of their respective eras. Once the images were selected and meticulosity cut-out, these were composed and animated into a seamless sequence of 2.5D parallax animation.


Series Titles: Blind Pig
Creative Director: Ric Comline
Animation: Ric Comline, Lawrence Scanlon

Blind Pig Executive Producer: Thierry Levy

Production Company: October Films
Series Director: Jim Greayer
Producer: Kate Boullions
Archive Producer: Aileen McAllister
Executive Producers: Liz Bronstein, Matt Robins, Chris Muckle

Narrated by: Robin Wright
Commissioner: CNN Original Series
Head of Factual, US: Jane Manning
Executive Producers: Amy Entelis, Lys Gamm, Lizzie Fox


After Effects, Photoshop