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Paper Moose


Most people don't know that Australian phone plans are responsible for nearly 1 million tonnes of C02 every year. As Australia's first telco brand, powered by 100% renewable electricity, and certified carbon neutral, we needed our audience to know this. However, after a year of extreme bushfires and a global pandemic, people had apocalypse fatigue and had reached peak doom and gloom. So, we took a light-hearted approach to the horrors of carbon emissions. Our hero video lived across social and digital, with a suite of funny gifs and images bringing to light the issue of emissions. We may be the first to create an entire ecosystem around a fart joke, and we couldn't be prouder.


VFX Animators:
Motion Director & Illustrator - Vivi Feng
Animators - Katrin Hummel, Stephen Elliget
Other crew:
Executive Director - Nick Hunter
Copywriter - Kate Holdsworth
Art Director - Reese Geronimo
Producer - Maren Smith
Sound Design & Mix - Weronika Razna
Voiceover Talent - Christopher Stollery
Dialogue Editor - Andreas Dominguez
Online Editor - Oliver Trauth-Goik
Production Assistant - Isabella Torv


After Effects