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TV Series

Fate: The Winx Saga



Cinesite's visual effects for the 8 episode series Fate: A Winx Saga ranges from character animation to environments, compositing, energy and magic effects.


Animation Supervisor - Scott Holmes,
Senior Animator - Sherin Mahboob,
Lead Animators - Simon Wottge, Michael Morgan,
Animators - Adam Klein, James Hickey, Julien Sagreto, Lee Cashmore, Nadine Lavoie, Richenda Wheeler, Riette du Toit

VFX Supervisor - Simon Stanley-Clamp,
CG Supervisor - Samir Ansari,
Compositing Supervisor - Michelangelo Neri Orliani,
FX Supervisor - Carl Fairweather, Matchmove Supervisor - Matt Boyer,
Environment Supervisor - Michael Alkan,
Rigging Supervisor - Richard Boyle,
Lead FX TD - Adam Redhead,
Lead Lookdev Artist - Ben Thomas,
Lead Compositor - Bruno Fernandes, Lead Lighting TD - Jeff Newton,
Lead Concept Artist - Laury Guintrand,
Lead Layout Artist - Lucy Luong,
Lead Modeller - Michael Lorenzo,
Lead Matchmove Artist - Sophie Beck,
Lead Creature TD - Valter Sagrillo, VFX Producer - Simon Kenny

3D Equaliser, Nuke, Silhouette, Maya, Houdini, Gaffer, Arnold, Tractor, Ftrack, HP Remote Graphics