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Category: Feature Film Sequence

Dancer Of Destiny



Short Sequence from a feature film currently in production and standalone short film vignette for exhibition purposes.

There is no sanctuary believing in 'the natural order of things' yet the ecstatic dance of destiny can carry us forth in united rhythmic solace. There is no wilful way to balance the opposites of duality. The balance is found via absolute pro-active surrender of all concepts rendering all attachment to sensory bound perception null and void for the illusory confines they represent. Only then will the dawn of true sight emerge. The total simultaneous acceptance and responsibility of everything past/future/present born as conceptual perversions of source consciousness allows us to come into alignment with all seeing/knowing presence. War/death/chaos is fear and contraction of the mindset resisting the 'space between breaths'. Lucid sobriety is the total surrender into that 'space between breaths' and celebrated as ecstatic dance. All our conceptual dogma can be liberated via this dance of primal life-force that courses through our veins as the wild pulse of infinite potential.


Direction, Design, Camera & live-action, VFX & Animation, Edit and Sound Design by Lars Magnus Holmgren Dance & Choreography; Grace Hughes


Maya 3D FX simulation & Redshift render, Nuke, Premiere Pro, 3D Equaliser, Photoshop & ON1 FX suitp